The stock market is not quite as hot an investment these days, especially when compared to the classic car. The price of art, a collectible like a classic car, has also dropped about 5 percent this year and gold has practically disappeared as an investment option – certainly in comparison to Classic Cars. The Historic Auto Group says that prices have more than doubled in the past five years and they were up 28 percent this past year.

The well-heeled Asian investors take their place as one of the primary reasons that the increase has been going on. Combine that with the well-heeled baby boomers who finally bought the car of their dreams over the last ten years and it looks like the classic car boom will continue to have legs. In a recent Washington Post article Lydia Phillips says that people who invest in collectibles are looking to diversify. She also doesn’t discount the fun these investors are having with the cars as one of the factors in the equation.

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