Many classic cars are sold because the buyer has always wanted that vehicle – a teenager could have wanted a GTO in the first year they were offered but parents and money said no. Twenty years later those considerations are out of the way and now you can have what you always wanted. The owner of Hexagon Classics in the UK has some words about why owning a classic differs from other investments.

He sees the investment growing because of the idea that people would rather spend money on something tangible instead of just stocks and bonds. He advises when looking at the high end classic car as an investment you should consider the following:
• The number of models made of that particular car
• The history of ownership
• The Amount of restoration needed.

His company believes that the less work a car needs the better the profits could be. Since the market is becoming truly global he thinks once the Chinese populace gets interested the prices will go even higher for these cars.

If you are like the investor who had a Mustang, Corvette or GTO on his mind in high school you can browse classic cars online at Old Car Online any time. Drop by today and find that combination of sound investment and personal desire that makes buying a classic car a win, win.