July 12 to 14 will be the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals with Chryslers from all eras to be shown off. Over 2400 cars are expected and some of them, the Jeep, will partake in a show within a show concept. This open air favorite has seen many changes over the years and the brand itself has been a significant part in auto history in this country by establishing the market for SUVs years before the competition.

Jeeps will be on display and there will be an added treat for off-road enthusiasts. At the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park you can take your jeep to where it was meant to be driven. There will be more awards given at the show for the Jeep classes reflecting the added number of Jeeps the show is attracting. Off road access and having a chance to win a prize should make for an enjoyable weekend for any owner of one of these American classics.

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