A convicted con artist in Great Britain was charged with theft by deception in 2011 and had told authorities at that time he was penniless and his classic car was abroad. It seems however he has a habit of deception as police looking over his properties found something amiss.

The authorities checked out a building the con artist owned and found that the inside wasn’t quite as expansive as it would appear from the outside. Upon further investigation and the caving in of a wall a classic Jaguar XK120, worth about 68,000 pounds, was found.

Classic car owners can go to great measures to keep their cars safe but this was of course not to keep it safe from thieves. The police have rearrested this man and he will be in jail for a year for perjury and perverting the course of justice. The Jaguar XK120 was originally built specifically for racing but they made them available to the public in the late forties – Clark Gable is said to have bought the first one.

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