The Bavarian Motor Works just said goodbye to the M3 line of sport coupes – they have produced an orange beauty and labeled it as the last one of the series. There are other size BMWs with the M label and although the M3 is gone it will be replaced by the new M4 coupe, so it won’t be leaving a hole in their line of high performance cars that share M designation.

Why are they doing this? It seems that some things change and the new number will mean a newer design and fresh approach to the coupe for the company. Older BMW fans may not be as happy with the new M4 if only for tradition’s sake. They’ll probably come around eventually but for now there is the idea that an M3 owner will, in a few years, have a more valuable car. M3s will begin disappearing making the ones left a little rarer and more coveted, driving up the price on the ones still left on the road.

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