The innovation of the Smartphone app had a strange effect on a Portland Oregon man this past month. Mr. Paul Stoute received a confirmation email from eBay about his purchase of a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite. The problem was it was news to him – he had been looking at a $38,000 Porsche but didn’t like the price so he didn’t place a bid. It turns out that his fourteen month old daughter picked up his phone while the eBay app was activated and touched the phone enough times to pick out and buy the car.

Mr. Stoute was in a panic as he originally thought he couldn’t afford the car but it was sold to his daughter for only $225.00 so he changed his mind and the classic is now sitting at his parents’ house. Since this particular winning bid was placed Mr. Stoute has added some additional safeguards to his eBay account to allow his daughter to continue to use his phone for fun, but not buying.

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