The Tucker automobile was famous for many innovations including safety features like pivoting fenders that moved when the car turned and a padded dash. Unfortunately there were only 51 of these innovative cars manufactured in their plant in Chicago in 1948. The company failed and Tucker claimed that the large automakers made it impossible for him to buy steel and other necessary supplies to mass produce his vehicles.

With so few produced and even fewer left on the road these cars are very valuable in the classic car market – one recently sold for $2.9 million. Three of these cars that were owned by now deceased collector David Cammack will be delivered to the Antique Automobile Club of America museum.

Many more cars in Mr. Cammack’s collection will be seen here as well but this will be the largest single collection of this legendary automobile in one place. The museum, located in Hershey Pennsylvania, will have a dedicated space for the three “Cars of Tomorrow” as Preston Tucker labeled them back in 1948.

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