No classic car fans we’re not talking about taking that classic DeLorean form “Back to the Future” for a spin to the Cornhusker state. What we are saying is that there was a Chevrolet dealership in Nebraska that closed many years ago and left some inventory there behind locked doors. Now there will be an auto auction in Pierce Nebraska that will have some very old Chevrolets with some very low mileage – some of the cars found were so new they still had the plastic on the seats.

The warranty on these cars went out many years ago but they will certainly take less restoration than other cars this age. How would you like a 1964 Impala with 10 miles on it or a real rarity – a 1964 Corvair van with 14 miles? Then there is the used car lot with 1957 Chevys and who knows what else. Now the seals and gaskets are long gone and many a tire must be flat but if you go to the Lambrecht Chevy auto auction you may just get the dream of a lifetime.

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