The 1957 Chevrolet that Mike Haskell has owned since high school was going to be his pet restoration project five years ago when his plans were tragically cut short. He was involved in an auto accident that robbed him of the use of his legs and that job has been on hold ever since. Now that dream is coming true thanks to a restoration shop located in northern Florida’s west coast.

The West Coast Classic Auto Repair and restoration shop has taken the job over and Mike couldn’t be happier. Not only will he see his car returned to its former glory, he will be able to drive it with modifications West Coast has made to it.

This isn’t the first time that the shop’s owner, Dave Rodriguez, has been in the news. Dave recently was featured in an article in MOPAR action magazine about a unique car he fashioned from a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner and a 2008 Dodge Charger.

Through the years working on classic cars has brought people from all walks of life together and sometimes this shared passion can lead to a heart- warming story like this. Have a desire to get in on this fantastic hobby? Drop by our website and browse classic cars anytime and see for yourself how great a feeling seeing and buying a classic car can be.