The veteran car collector knows that it can be an easy thing to get quality insurance for his vehicle. A first timer may be looking at this purchase as a chore, mostly due to experience insuring his other vehicles. The good news is that the policy can be found easily and it will be surprisingly inexpensive.

If you are looking into this for the first time, just remember these tips:
• The car cannot be used as a regular means of transportation as most policies have mileage restrictions
• If you are restoring a car they will insure it at a lower price until it is completed.
• You can buy just other than collision coverage if you always trailer the vehicle for travel – collision coverage while the car is on the trailer can also be purchased
• If you are a collector additionally purchased vehicles can be automatically covered without notifying the carrier but usually for only 30 days. You should inform them before that time is up
• You can have a zero deductible for physical damage coverage
• Some companies even give coverage for spare parts and towing if the car breaks down

These policies are available online and they are easy to get a quote for and apply for. Visit our website to browse classic cars for sale online and to find out how much it costs to insure the vehicle you are interested in.