Is it Possible to Restore a Classic Car on a Budget?

Posted by Steve White on Aug 28, 2014

Many of us don’t have thousands of dollars lying around for the purpose of investing in a costly restoration project. However, if you love classic cars, you don’t want that to stop you from restoring a car of your very own. With the right knowledge, there are ways you can do a restoration car on a budget.

Take Your Time

The best part of classic car restoration is the journey! Take your time and exercise your patience when you’re working on a restoration project. If you move slowly, you’ll be more likely to find a better deal when you’re looking for a car and parts.

Shop Around for Parts

In the “good old days” shopping for car parts meant visiting area shops and paying the price they asked. However, the Internet allows you to order parts from around the world, even if they take a while to get to you. Ask questions and get the best prices you can.

Work with a Buddy

To really save money on your restoration project, you’ll have to do most of the work yourself. Enlisting the help of a friend who’s done this type of work before will give you a great way to save money. You’ll probably enjoy the project even more too.

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What are Your Options for Classic Car Insurance?

Posted by Steve White on Aug 21, 2014

We all have many reasons we’ve chosen to purchase classic cars. Some of us enjoy taking them on road trips to club events, while others want to invest in them for a possible profit in the future. No matter what your reasons are, it’s important for you to know the best ways to go about getting insurance for your beloved classic cars.

Document Everything

To get a good insurance quote, make sure you have the proper documentation. In addition to having a professional appraisal done, you’ll need to keep any and all receipts that pertain to the care, maintenance and restoration of your car.

Consider Your Options

While you have many options, not all of them are good ones. Some online insurance companies won’t insure classic cars that were purchased as investments. Many major insurance companies have classic car departments, but it’s important to talk with a company who also specializes in classic car insurance too.

Talk with Other Classic Car Owners

Finally, your friends and family members who also own classic cars can be a great resource for you. Talk with them and find out which companies they trust. You might avoid a potential insurance disaster by taking this simple but important step.

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Classic Car Care Tips: Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job

Posted by Steve White on Aug 14, 2014

Perhaps you’ve always idolized other classic car owners who have cars with incredible paint jobs. If you’ve wondered how they get their cars to look so great, we’re here to offer you some classic car care tips that can help you achieve that same shine.

Tip #1: Wash your car with the right tools – A paint-safe washing mitt, a bucket and some cleaning solution that’s specifically designed for cars should do the trick.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to dry your car - Auto detailers recommend using 100% cotton detailing cloths to dry a classic car, but whatever you do don’t skip this step! You’ll end up with those annoying water spots if you do.

Tip #3: Consider using detailing clay – Sometimes washing isn’t enough to get rid of all the grime. A detailing will pull any extra dirt away from your car.

Tip #4: Give the car a good polish – Dull paint is often the culprit when your car starts to lose its shine. Polishing removes a small amount of that dullness, and it does it safely.

Tip #5: Break out the wax – Waxing your classic car with a wax or paint sealant is what will really make your car shine. It will also give you that glossy finish you’ve been dreaming about for your car.

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3 Solid Tips to Help You Really Enjoy this Season’s Car Shows

Posted by Steve White on Aug 07, 2014

If you’re like most classic car enthusiasts, you’re likely to travel to a few different car shows this season before it’s time to put your car away for the winter. If so, we’d like to help you enjoy those shows as much as possible with the following tips.

Get Involved

For many events, the car show is just a small part of the excitement. Perhaps the group you’ll be meeting for the show has other activities planned too. If so, get involved and meet as many new people as you can. Have a great time, and try to enjoy the entire experience.

Get a Little Wacky

Take a look at the schedule and participate in some of the events you might not have tried before. For example, some car clubs host a type of “wacky classic car Olympics.” If there’s something fun like that happening, participating will enrich your adventure.

Keep in Touch

When it’s all said and done, you can make some life-long friends at car shows. Be sure to get phone numbers of the people you met, and keep in touch through email. These relationships are valuable, and you never know how you might be able to help each other in the future.

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Sales Tips: Can You Really Buy a Classic Car Online?

Posted by Steve White on Jul 31, 2014

About a decade ago, you probably never thought you’d consider buying a classic car online. However, the Internet makes so many things possible, and buying a car is one of them. Even so, it’s important to proceed with caution, so here are a few classic car sales tips to help you make a smart purchase when you’re buying a car online.

1. Make a checklist – Are there any problems you want the owner to fix before you buy? Make a list and keep it handy.

2. Ask plenty of questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the seller is reluctant to answer, it’s probably better for you to pass.

3. Investigate the seller – Websites like eBay offer plenty of feedback on sellers. Do your research when you can.

4. Look pictures over carefully – Pictures really can speak a thousand words. Be sure to check them carefully to look for flaws.

5. Have the car inspected in person – If you’re not able to be there in person, it’s a good idea to have someone inspect a car you’re interested in, like a local mechanic.

By following these rules, you can actually get a really good deal when you buy a classic car online. If you’re looking for more classic car sales tips, you’re in the right place. Be sure to check back right here at

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