Rare Classic Makes an Appearance in Pebble Beach

Posted by Steve White on Aug 27, 2015

Some cars just have THAT look… the look that turns heads and makes everyone wonder what it would have been like to live during that time.

A 1930 DuPont G Town Car by Merrimac. Some of of you are even picturing it now, in wonder. This was a luxury car, selling for more than a house would sell in the 1930s. One of only 30 of the 537 cars produced by DuPont between 1919 and 1931 that is still left today, owner Jack Nethercutt was asked to bring it to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday.

In 1956, Jack’s dad, J.B., bought the DuPont. While waiting for a different car to be delivered, J.B. noticed the DuPont for sale for just $500. J.B. put $65,00 and 18 months into restoring it, but it was worth it to him. When finished, he and his wife took the car to the Grand Classic Car Club of America show. The horn not working was the only thing that caused the judges to take points off and they earned a total of 99 3/4 points at the show. And in 1958, they drove it to Pebble Beach with a working horn. Jack says the car has made the trip to Pebble Beach every year except for two when he and his father have owned it, winning many awards.

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Classic Meets Hybrid

Posted by Steve White on Aug 20, 2015

In our changing world, we are introduced to new things constantly. New: technology, ways to preserve our food, ways to help our planet…. and this is certainly true in the auto industry. But, it’s not often associated with classic cars. That’s the whole point of them being classic- they are what they are. What if some of this newer technology can actually help your car?

Repairing parts on your classic car can be expensive, especially when it’s older. Because of the terrible fuel economy of most classic cars, it has been suggested that installing a secondary electric powertrain can help relieve some of the stress that those older components have. The idea was formed after creators researched taxis, The engines and brakes of New York City hybrid taxis were wear free after 500,000 miles of use. The theory is that electric motors and regenerative brakes help lessen the strain.

Keeping this model in mind, this system would copy mild-hybrid systems. A low power electric motor and small battery pack would be used in a small package keeping any modifications to the car at a minimum, This motor would be used at low speeds, mostly, but provide some assistance at higher speeds.

This is all in theory at the moment. But it sounds like great to help preserve our cars longer!

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Why Don’t We Buy Our Classics From Cuba?

Posted by Steve White on Aug 13, 2015

When you think about classic cars, there are definitely certain makers and countries that come to mind. Ford- American. Chevrolet- American. Ferrari- Italian. There are not a lot of people who associate classic cars or their classic car collection with Cuba. And, there’s a good reason we don’t buy classics from Cuba, too.

CNBC reports that, while there are many- thousands- of American cars on the road in Cuba, car collectors are not flooding the borders to try to buy them. The reason started back in 1962 with the US embargo on Cuba. American companies were not allowed to do business with them and this made it impossible to get American cars or parts for cars.

While experts admire the ingenuity the Cubans have, they don’t rush to buy the American cars that are there. There is little value left in the car. With most of the value of a collectible car being in the originality of its parts- original body, panels, engine, transmission- then it makes sense to see why these cars stay in Cuba when usually, only the body is the only original part left. To replace almost all of a classic car can lower the value so much that it may be worth only ten percent of what it’s originally worth.

Cuban or not, collectors know how original a classic really is.

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Buying Classic Cars Online: Is It the Future?

Posted by Steve White on Aug 06, 2015

We live in an age of technology. If you want something you can buy it online. And we are forced to grow as technology gets “smarter.” If we don’t, we’re left scratching our heads. We have to move forward, even if our hearts and interests lie with classic cars.

That’s exactly what Mike Gulett is doing. He is moving the classic car business online. A blogger and classic car enthusiast himself, Mike has had success with his online blog, My Car Quest and is leveraging his blog’s popularity by creating an online auto auction service. He hopes to “deliver fairness, simplicity and transparency to both buyers and sellers of classic cars.”

What makes this different from a general classified online site? First, sellers cars are visible to buyers around the world. Second, the only cost to the seller is a flat fee of $250. And, unlike in-person or consignments sales, the seller does not give up control of their vehicle. And finally, bidders must confirm their credit card proving they are real and serious about doing business.

Maybe one of the best perks is the advantage of dealing directly, buyer and seller. As one buyer said in the article, he appreciated not having to listen to the hype that online auction houses tend to use to try to entice you to buy their goods.

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Have You Been to Carlisle for This Year’s Classic Cars Events?

Posted by Steve White on Jul 30, 2015

Carlisle, Pennsylvania is home to some of the biggest classic and muscle car events in the country. Every year, there’s practically something going on every weekend during the summer, and even into the fall. If you’ve never been to Carlisle to visit one of these amazing car shows, this is the perfect time to change that.

Are you a Corvette lover? If you are, why not check out Carlisle’s Corvette’s car show? It’s happening August 28 – 30 and this is the best time to see some of your favorite Corvettes on display. There will be all kinds of shows and you can also meet some new friends while you’re there. Every year, a lot of owners even sell their cars there, so be sure you get your tickets.

The weather might cool down in the fall, but things are just heating up in Carlisle. Thousands of classic car enthusiasts and collector car lovers will be at the Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet, which starts on September 30 and runs through October 4. There will be auctions, car shows and plenty of amazing cars to see this week. Be sure you’re there to see it in person!

Have you gone to a great car show this year? We would love to hear about it! Make sure you check back often to find out all the latest in classic car news right here on our website.

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