Hagerty, Nationwide Team Up on New Classic Car Insurance Line

Posted by Steve White on Apr 17, 2014

Protecting your investment in your classic car, truck or motorcycle just got easier — and possibly more affordable. National all-purpose insurer Nationwide Insurance has teamed up with global classic car insurance leader Hagerty to create a new line of auto insurance plans specifically designed to meet the needs of classic and collectible vehicle owners.

Being sold under the Nationwide umbrella, the new insurance line offers coverage for antique, classic and vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles; as well as modified vehicles (hot rods, lowriders, etc.), muscle cars, kits and replicas, and restoration projects. Insurance for collectible specialty vehicles is also available under the new partnership, including coverage for classic military vehicles, postwar vehicles, retired commercial vehicles and antique tractors.

Customers who purchase Nationwide’s Classic Car Insurance will have access to Hagerty’s in-house claims team and its specialized knowledge of classic vehicle repairs. In the event of a claim, not only will damage and repairs be assessed by mechanics who understand the art and complexities involved in repairing classic vehicles, but customers will be able to choose their own repair shop, ensuring that repairs and restoration are performed by people you trust.

There are some limitations, so read the fine print; but according to the Nationwide website, additional advantages include:

• Lower premiums, up to 46% lower than standard insurance.

• Flexible usage, allowing limited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits.

• Guaranteed car value with no depreciation.

Protect your classic car investment; find links to classic car insurance on www.oldcaronline.com.

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Preparing for a car show after a long, hard winter

Posted by Steve White on Apr 10, 2014

This winter has been especially hard for most of the country. Even so, signs of spring cannot be ignored. If you haven’t gotten your car out of storage for this beautiful weather, you will soon. Maybe you’re even planning on going to some car shows.

If you’re looking for information on how to get your classic car ready for its first car show after being in winter storage, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Tip #1: Give your car a detailed cleaning

Even if you pampered your classic car and stored it properly at the beginning of last winter, you’re still going to need to give it a proper cleaning.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to touch it up

Remember to check the tires carefully, and give your windows a good cleaning. These details are vital if you’re going to make your car shine.

Tip #3: Organize your presentation

Do you have any pictures of the restoration project of your car? Perhaps you have some owner’s manuals or other literature. Getting organized now will save you a lot of work later on, and help you prepare a great presentation for car shows.

For more information on car shows, and just about everything you want to know about your classic cars, please remember to check back often, right here at www.oldcaronline.com. 

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Caring For Leather Trim In Your Classic Car

Posted by Steve White on Apr 03, 2014

Caring properly to retain value of your classic car is one of the most important aspects of owning one. You want to keep it looking its best at all times. A major part of classic car care is knowing how to treat your car’s leather trim. As you prepare for the cruising season, here are a few tips to help you make the interior of your car look brand new again.

Step 1: Using a soft, wet cloth, apply saddle soap or cleaner to your leather trim. It might take a few minutes to loosen up any dirt that’s present, so allow it to sit for a little while. Wipe off the soap with another soft, damp cloth.

Step 2: Apply a leather moisturizer or oil to the leather trim to keep it from tearing or cracking.

Step 3: Condition the leather trim with a generous amount of leather conditioner. After five or ten minutes, buff off the excess conditioner with a dry cloth. Conditioning should be done periodically to ensure that your leather always looks its best.

When choosing your products, avoid any that are silicone-based. These can damage the interior of your car. With the right products and a little bit of work, your classic car will be ready for the cruising season in no time.

For more classic car care tips, be sure to check back often, right here at www.oldcaronline.com. 

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Announcing 2014 Classic Car Shows

Posted by Steve White on Mar 27, 2014

One of the best things about being a classic car owner is being able to take your car to car shows. It’s been a long, cold winter for most of the country, and you’re probably eager for the warm weather so you can get out there and show off your cool classic car. Here are a few car show dates you won’t want to miss.

Super Chevy Show – April 4-6, Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, Florida.

This show features a pro show with jet cars and wheelstanders as well as an event for the kids. Bring the whole family!

Pro-Formance – May 2-4, Canfield Fairgrounds, Canfield, Ohio.

If you have a hot rod, or another classic or antique car, this is one car show you won’t want to miss out on.

7th Annual Spring Meltdown – June 1, Elk River, Minnesota.

If you’re in the Elk River area, and you’re ready to get your classic car out for a great time, be sure to check out this show. There will be trophies and great music, along with plenty of fun.

There’s nothing like getting ready for a car show in the beginning of the cruising season. We hope this year offers you the most fun you’ve had with your classic car.

For more information on classic car shows all over the country, be sure to check back often, right here at www.oldcaronline.com.

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Model T’s – a Really Old Classic Car

Posted by Steve White on Mar 20, 2014

If you love classic cars as much as we do, the Model T holds a special place in your heart.

Humble Beginnings

The Model T, which is also known as the “Tin Lizzie,” changed the world when it was introduced by Henry Ford in 1908. Up until that point, owning a car was something that only the wealthy could afford. However, once the Model T was manufactured, suddenly everyone could own a car. It was practical, affordable, and best of all, durable. In fact, once assembly line production of the car began, the price of a Model T was as low as $300 in 1925.

Model T Progression

As time went on, the Model T progressed, and it wasn’t long before there were a few different types available. The touring car was a five-seater, the runabout was a two-seater, and there was also a seven-seater town car. Of course, the car had to be improved upon because of its rattling at high speeds, the lack of color options, and generally ugly appearance. Even so, this is one classic car that revolutionized transportation for everyone, and it paved the way for all of the classic cars we have come to know and love today.

For more stories and facts on all the classic cars you love, be sure to check back often, right here at www.oldcaronline.com. 

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