Visit the Tallahassee Automobile Museum

Posted by Steve White on Jan 29, 2015

Whether you’re a northerner trying to escape the winter snow, or you just want to take your classic car for a drive in the coming months, classic car museums make a great pit stop. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely check out the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. You’re going to love what they have in store for you there.

Rare Cars – If you love classic cars, then you know how great it is to feast your eyes on some rare gems. At the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, they have some beauties that you won’t see anywhere else, and they’re always adding to their collection. You’ll see steam-powered cars, muscle cars, and more!

Classic Car History – It’s always fun to brush up on your history, and the Tallahassee Automobile Museum will make sure you get a great lesson. You’ll see incredible vehicles like Abraham Lincoln’s horse drawn hearse, the very first known car in the world, and much more.

Fun Events - With a new banquet facility that just opened up, it’s time to party! Don’t miss out on any of the upcoming events at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. Be sure to check their calendar to find out what’s happening during the time you plan to visit and make your reservations.

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Visit the Canton Ohio Classic Car Museum

Posted by Steve White on Jan 22, 2015

What do you love about classic cars? It’s all about history, tradition, technology, and craftsmanship. Exactly what you’ll find in a great museum.

Now there’s a museum the whole family can enjoy: the Canton Classic Car Museum! From children’s toys to historic artwork, this Ohio destination has plenty to see and experience.

Classic car lovers simply must add Canton to their next road trip. Heck, even if you aren’t planning a trip you should consider taking a scenic drive around the peaceful midwestern countryside to this mecca of automotive history. There are plenty of great car museums, but this one may be the all-around best.

You can see the Pro Football Hall of Fame while you’re in town, and Canton makes an easy stop when you’re traveling through Ohio from any surrounding states.

Some highlights of the Canton Classic Car Museum:

  • Historic and beautiful cars from 1901 to present
  • Rare vehicles like a 1937 Ahrens-Fox Quad fire truck and the 1957 BMW Isetta
  • Vintage Hot Wheels and Tonka trucks
  • Americana like antique auto and gas station signs and artwork of US presidents

The museum likes to say, they’re more than just cars. Car lovers can immerse themselves in classic car history while families find plenty of entertainment, too.

Be ready to fall in love with your next vintage auto — so remember to come back to Old Car Online to buy classic cars!

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A Little History on the Plymouth Barracuda

Posted by Steve White on Jan 15, 2015

Who’s up for a little classic car history? The Plymouth Barracuda is one of the most incredible classic cars out there, and if you’re lucky enough to own one of these gems, you’ve probably done your homework. If not, let’s go over a little bit of what makes the Plymouth Barracuda so special.

Plymouth only manufactured the Barracuda from 1964 to 1974, so the window of opportunity for ownership was fairly small with this car. It was a two-door, which added to its sleek design, and starting in 1970, the Barracuda was available as a convertible.

While the Barracuda was based on the Valiant in the beginning, it wasn’t long before Plymouth moved it away from that design to encompass a look that was truly all its own. Over the years, many improvements were made that were both esthetic and performance-related. Today, the Plymouth Barracuda is a rare car, indeed.

The 1971 HemiCuda convertible was designed for its performance, and today, it is considered to be one of the most valuable muscle cars every made. Only thirteen of these cars were ever built. Many replicas have been manufactured throughout the years, but none can come close to being as spectacular as the original.

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Keep Your Classic Car Spiffy for Winter Trips and Tours

Posted by Steve White on Jan 08, 2015

Many of us pack our classic cars away when winter comes, but if you’re planning on taking yours out this winter, you’re certainly not alone. Even so, it’s important to make sure you’re maintaining your car properly during the coldest time of the year. To help, here are some classic car care tips that will keep it running well all winter long.

Tip #1: Check for performance problems before you head out – Cold weather can make slight problems even worse. If your classic car often stalls out, has trouble starting or idles loudly, have it checked and fixed before you travel anywhere.

Tip #2: Invest in fuel deicer – Once a month, add a fuel deicer to your gas tank to keep your gas lines free from moisture. Be sure you always keep your tank above half full too. That will keep moisture at bay and keep your car performing well.

Tip #3: Replace your wiper blades – Most classic cars have wipers that are great for spring and summer, but not so good for winter. Replacing your wiper blades will ensure that you always have excellent visibility, no matter where you’re traveling.

Tip #4: Check your heater and defroster – If you don’t usually drive your car in the winter, it’s important to check these two items to be sure they’re in good working order.

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Check Out Upcoming Classic Car Shows

Posted by back_up on Jan 01, 2015


If you have an affinity for classic cars or old automobiles, you are in good company. Collecting, owning, and restoring classic autos has garnered global interest and there are events that put owners together with a network of individuals, sellers, and restorers widely.

Reasons to buy 

If you have been contemplating the purchase of a classic car, remember that a restoration could cost more than buying a road-ready automobile, particularly if you lack skills to do the work yourself.

Tips for buyers 

It is more prudent to buy what you love, rather than what appears to be a good investment. Many things can impact the resale value of your acquisition. Look for a vehicle that you, yourself, will enjoy regardless of the car’s potential for profits later.

Do your homework 

It can pay to do some research and garner valuation information before you head out to buy a classic automobile. Old Car Online is a great internet resource for those who want to get more information about their classic automobile, value, and restoration.

Visit to network with others who not only share your passion for vintage automobiles, but that offer reputable and reliable insight. This site may also provide you with the answers to important questions that you may have regarding your car, or a car that you have your eye on.

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