Have You Been to Carlisle for This Year’s Classic Cars Events?

Posted by Steve White on Jul 30, 2015

Carlisle, Pennsylvania is home to some of the biggest classic and muscle car events in the country. Every year, there’s practically something going on every weekend during the summer, and even into the fall. If you’ve never been to Carlisle to visit one of these amazing car shows, this is the perfect time to change that.

Are you a Corvette lover? If you are, why not check out Carlisle’s Corvette’s car show? It’s happening August 28 – 30 and this is the best time to see some of your favorite Corvettes on display. There will be all kinds of shows and you can also meet some new friends while you’re there. Every year, a lot of owners even sell their cars there, so be sure you get your tickets.

The weather might cool down in the fall, but things are just heating up in Carlisle. Thousands of classic car enthusiasts and collector car lovers will be at the Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet, which starts on September 30 and runs through October 4. There will be auctions, car shows and plenty of amazing cars to see this week. Be sure you’re there to see it in person!

Have you gone to a great car show this year? We would love to hear about it! Make sure you check back often to find out all the latest in classic car news right here on our website.

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Is Goodwood Really the Best?

Posted by Steve White on Jul 23, 2015

As classic car collectors, you’ve probably been to a show or two. Everyone has their favorite kind of show and what they like to see at the shows. When someone else puts out an article saying why the car show they picked is the best, it might ruffle your feathers a bit.

That’s what drive.com did. They looked at the Goodwood motor show, held every year on the grounds of Lord March’s estate in England. Goodwood is motor racing, classic cars on display, and an interactive show. They came up with seven reasons with Goodwood is the best motor show in the world. I’ll give you three- you check out the article for the rest and see if you agree with them.

1. History Lesson: This show is a living history lesson of the automobile. Over 300 cars and motorcycles drive up Lord March’s driveway to a racing track in the forest. With all kinds of vehicles, there’s something for everyone.  They feature a vehicle every year to celebrate milestones in motoring history.

2. Accessibility: Unlike most modern shows you can be “dangerously close” to the action at Goodwood, protected only be hay bales.

3. Supercars: Makers like Ferrari, Porsche, Bently, and even more mainstream makers like Mazda and Ford showing off cars… and these aren’t roped off or just merely displayed. They are driven- every day.

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Classic Car… Clones?

Posted by Steve White on Jul 16, 2015

When you see a classic car, part of the appeal of it is knowing how much work has gone into restoring it. There’s a level of pride that comes with that. So, if you saw a clone of a classic car- and exact replica- would you be able to tell the difference?

According to Fox News, a new bill might make clones of classic cars a reality. The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015 was introduced this month (June) to the House of Representatives.  This act would allow companies to make replicas of classic cars and then sell them without making them undergo the safety and emissions tests that other, major automakers’ vehicles are required to go through.

Currently, component “kits” are sold, according to state-by-state laws, but have to be assembled  by the buyer or a by a third- party shop. The new rules will allow registered companies to make and sell up to 500 finished cars in the US every year, each with their own Vehicle Identification Number. The cars would use modern engines, certified by the suppliers to meet emissions standards, but do not have to go through federal safety regulations. Most importantly, these cars have to be an exact replica, visually, of a vehicle that is at least 25 years old and the original manufacturer must license the design.

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College Restoration Courses Bring Classic Cars Interest to a New Generation

Posted by Steve White on Jul 09, 2015

Do you remember how old you were when you first had an interest in classic cars? What was the first car you bought or, even better, the first car you restored? Students at the Pennsylvania College of Technology will likely remember their first car restoration for a long time to come.

Penn College began a vintage vehicle restoration program major in 2012, joining a handful of other degree programs in the country that teach young people how to refurbish and maintain classic cars. Earl Mowrey, the head of youth development at the Antique Automobile Club of America says that there have been generations that have missed opportunities in this area. He is concerned that important skills, such as metal shaping and upholstering could be lost among young people unless they can be enticed into this field.

An increase in young people’s interest in classic cars paired with an aging workforce has caused the multibillion- dollar industry to throw money into training programs and scholarships. It’s paying off. Penn College’s first graduation class had eight students. Next year’s has 23. And, McPherson College in Kansas offers a bachelor’s degree in restoration, the only college with that degree. Because demand is high and people are retiring, most students can find a job quickly in the field.

It’s good to see a new generation interested in these cars! For more information on classic cars, visit our website today!

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New Museum Will Showcase Classic Cars

Posted by Steve White on Jul 02, 2015

Imagine being able to see someone else’s classic car collection any time you want, without having an invitation. Some of us would go every day, getting ideas, imagining the cars being in our collection and maybe even trying to convince the owner to sell. But this is exactly what you can do at a new museum that will open soon in Hannibal, MO.

According to the Hannibal-Courier Post, Steve Karlock is co-owner of the building that is being transformed into a new museum. The building that used to be a large produce business will soon be home to many classics including classic autos, jukeboxes and other collectibles. Steve and his wife plan to bring 20 to 24 classic cars and other displays to show in the museum.

Many of the vehicles Karlock restored himself. Some of those that will be on display include:

  • Lincoln Zephyr, coupe style, made in 1940
  • 1941 Buick from Montreal, one of Karlock’s favorites, with only 26,000 miles on the odometer
  • Kaiser- Darrin roadster, circa 1954

The museum will welcome people with stained glass doors and neon lights at the entrance, as well as the Pontiac, Hudson and Kaiser logos. Karlock also wants a restoration bay so visitors can watch a car being restored.

The museum will be completed “as soon as possible” according to the Karlocks.

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