The Lap of Luxury – Classic Car Edition

Posted by Steve White on May 21, 2015

When it comes to classic cars, most of us get an immediate image of what a classic car is. It might be a particular make and model, like the Model T or Thunderbird. Maybe it’s more about the year and color, like a ’66 cherry red Mustang.  Some of you might even picture luxury, such as the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Later this month, May 22-24, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este car show will be gathering together some of the finest classic cars in the world on Lake Como in northern Italy. Held at a 19th century villa named Villa Erba, the theme of the show this year is the glitz and glam of the 1970s. There will be an exhibition of Art Cars. These captured the imagination of both art and motor racing fans in the 70s. Popular artists of the decade left their artistic look on BMW racing cars.

Another feature will be an auction held at center stage. One of the cars to be auctioned is a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider, one of sixteen produced. There will also be a Lamborghini Miuri, a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster and a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

For those of going, expect great things, including many Rolls Royce Phantom models, in this, the Phantom’s 90th anniversary. For those of us not going…we can dream!

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How Does the Younger Generation See Classic Cars?

Posted by Steve White on May 14, 2015

For many, classic cars are a way of life. We might have them for different reasons- maybe you collect or rebuild them, you might prefer the look or make of them or perhaps it’s simply about the nostalgia that classic cars can bring. Whatever it is, the feeling of classic cars can’t be duplicated.

How does the younger generation feel about classic cars? NPR published a story in which it stated that there are several reasons young people aren’t driving today. Reasons ranging from changed licensing laws to not having money, teens don’t care as much about driving. This makes whatever car they do have more of a garage ornament as opposed to a practical machine used every day.

However, some car club members feel like this nonchalant attitude can be changed with some motivation and attention. The No Name Car Club in California has donated model car kits to students at Kelseyville High School. Club members spend time with the students, helping them with the models, hoping they will gain an appreciation for classic cars. Many of the club members say this is how they came to appreciate them. They are letting the kids submit their models into a competition at the club’s annual car show on May 30, with several prizes to be awarded.

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Some Known and Not-so-known Facts About the Cars We Love

Posted by Steve White on May 07, 2015

In the world of classic cars, you know about “your baby”. You may have a name for your car(s). You feel like you know that car better than you know some people you see every day. But how well do you know some of the cars that helped shape the industry in days past? No, there won’t be a test later. Just, read on… there’s some interesting facts to find out.

1. John and Horace Dodge, brothers, originally founded Dodge Brothers Company, later to become Dodge Motor Company, in 1900.  The Dodge T-Rex truck originally had 6 wheels.

2. Limited Edition? As a publicity stunt, Chrysler only made six of the Newport-Dual Cowl Pheaton cars in 1940. Ford made three versions of the Edsel before withdrawing it in 1960. And what about the Phantom Corsair? There was only one made. This was designed by the owner of the Heinz company who died before he could put the car into production.

3. What about sports cars? The F40 by Ferrari was their first car that could do over 198 mph. The first Corvette, made by Chevrolet, was in 1953 and the Corvette has never been made with a metal body but with fiberglass reinforced plastic. And, the Thunderbird was Ford’s reaction to the Corvette.

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You Never Know What Can Happen at a Classic Car Cruise-In

Posted by Steve White on Apr 30, 2015

Imagine that you’re enjoying a cruise-in. It’s the first one of the season, and you’re excited to see all of your old friends that you’ve known for years, but that winter has kept indoors. You’re all thrilled to be getting out your classic cars and taking them for one of the first spins of the spring.

Suddenly, your enjoyable afternoon is disrupted when a rogue truck tire comes careening through the parking lot, damaging some of the cars, knocking down signs and just causing a panic. That’s exactly what recently happened in Southaven, Mississippi when one teenager’s left front tire came off his truck.

The young man was just getting off from work and he was heading home, driving past the location of the cruise in. No one was hurt, thankfully; however when the tire came off the truck, it did destroy a sign and smash out the window of a nearby Lexus. It finally came to a rest when it rolled and bounced partway through the cruise in lot and hit a 1955 Cadillac Coup DeVille.

The young man was devastated over what had happened, but everyone assured him that accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. The owners of the Cadillac were just thankful no one was hurt.

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Canadian Man Longs to Introduce Youngsters to His Classic Car Collection

Posted by Steve White on Apr 23, 2015

A love of classic cars doesn’t have to be a hobby that’s only enjoyed by seniors. One eighty-eight-year-old Vancouver man named Barney Vinegar has made it his life’s ambition to introduce young people to classic cars in an effort to keep these important traditions alive. According to the article, his is a growing collection of sixty classics that are taking up residence in a warehouse right now.

Vinegar is currently concentrating on restoring a row of Studebakers, and he takes great care to restore them to perfection. He also tries hard to keep them as true to their original forms as he possibly can. He says that quite a few of the Studebakers came from the junkyard, and because they were only manufactured for two years, he took great pride in restoring the ones he added to his collection. Some of them were stripped to bare bones and rebuilt into things of beauty.

On any given day, several different seniors will venture to the warehouse in hopes of working on the cars alongside Vinegar, but those aren’t the folks he’s hoping to attract. He hopes that younger people will take an interest in his growing collection and keep the love of classic cars alive and strong for years to come.

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