1924 Ford Model T Tudor - Traverse city, Michigan

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90 years old and going strong
Antique/Classic / Traverse city, Michigan

1924 Ford Model T

[ Paint ] – The paint is nice and shiny, and has a typical finish you would expect to see on most enamel paints of the Model T era. It has a slight amount of orange peel but still looks shiny and matches well all the way around.
There are some imperfections in the paint... primarily a small amount of dirt and fish eyes. However, this is pretty much the quality you would have seen in those days, so it is actually quite authentic.
There are a couple of nicks here and there with no significant scratches. It even looks good underneath. ( See the close-up photos. )

[ Body ] – The body looks nice and straight. The wood framework is solid. All of the panels seem secure and fit close to how they would have looked when built new. The door handles and hub caps have been cleaned down, so the brass coloring shows (was underneath the nickel). All in all, nothing strikes you as being “incorrect”. You can see the condition of the body in all of the photos. Car comes with a working (original) door lock key.

[ Glass ] – All of the glass looks nice and clear. There are not any discoloration, bulls-eyes, or cracks. The windshield flips out for true flow through ventilation.

[ Top ] – The top was renewed not too long before I bought it. The vinyl is nice and soft, and it also has the optional rain gutters on the edge. It is in nice condition and has a lot of years left, it should last forever stored indoors.

[ Interior ] – The interior appears to be original style and in good condition. The headliner seams are pulled good and tight, even down to the bottom edge of the glass. The material is in nice condition (see photos). The cloth on the side panels and seats match well and are nicely done in the original style and materials. There is one small spot on the edge of the driver’s seat that is worn through, but overall, it looks presentable and has a lot of wear left. The carpet is dark brown with beading around the outside. A boot fits under carpet around the pedals for cold weather use. The dash looks like older paint, but looks good and presentable. The steering wheel is in good condition, and does not show any apparent cracking.

[ Tires and Wheels ] – The hickory wood spoke wheels are all tight and true. The tires are Firestone Gum-Dipped tires, size 30 x 3 ½ (including the spare). The 4 tires on the car have about 7/32 tread left. The spare (never used) has about 8/32. The tires and wheels are in very nice condition. They look fresh with no apparent damage. The spare tire also has a rim on it.

[ Engine, Transmission and Running Gear] – This old Ford seems to operate just as it was designed. It seems to steer smoothly and responsively. Rocky Mountain auxiliary brakes (period correct) help it to stop in a reasonable distance. The car received a new 6 volt battery in 2011. It can run on off the battery or Magneto (Magneto when driving). All 4 coils were rebuilt / tuned up in 2013. The amp meter runs between 10 – 20 amps, and charges well.
The engine and transmission look pretty much the way it would have looked new. There do not seem to be any major alterations or changes. A water pump was installed, as when these cars were built new, the engine had a gravity cooling system. The pump was installed to improve efficiency. The radiator was recored in the summer 2011, and overall, the cooling system is in great condition. The car has driven in a few parades (traveling at 2-3 mph), and there were no problem with over heating. The muffler and tailpipe are stainless steel, but little rust colored spray paint and they would look original.
The transmission has been rebuilt with new pins, bushings and Kevlar bands. The transmission main shaft and low speed drum were replaced and all drums turned to smooth. The flywheel has been balanced and the magnets recharged. The coils were tuned up in Sept. ‘13. The car runs well on magneto or battery power. The rear end has been rebuilt with new tempered axles and a new ring and pinion. The generator and starter drive have been rebuilt. The front wheel bearings and seals were replaced.
I understood the engine did not have much wear on it when I purchased the car. I was told it had been rebuilt not too long ago, by a previous owner but the records / receipts had been lost. A period correct oil line (magneto to front of engine) runs down the left side of the engine. I added two hidden internal (modern design) oil lines while the engine was torn down for inspection. The main and rod bearings all had .0015 oil clearance. The engine has aluminum pistons, which is a common upgrade during an engine rebuild. I pulled the head and looked at the cylinder walls, no scoring or ridges were present, the valves seat tight. The motor has good compression, and runs fine with no smoking or knocking so I tend to believe it is a fairly fresh rebuild, with very few miles.
*The vin number is stamped on the engine – see photos.
Shop manuals included.

Approximately 200 pictures (top to bottom, inside and out) and copies of receipts can be e-mailed upon request to the truly serious

Located in Traverse City, MI

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